Developing education at all levels, both pre-university education and higher education in a way that helps develop an everlasting and comprehensive human community in Ismailia in the integration with the Egyptian society and in communication with the Arab World as well as the foreign investment. Accordingly, the vision is based on the following:

1.Education is a profession which is developing cognitively and technically

2.Understanding the changing role of the teacher from an authoritative instructor into a facilitator , a director of the educational process and a planner for creativity, teamwork and self-learning

3.The high-quality professional teacher is the target success of the Faculty of Education in Ismailia

4.The Faculty of Education has a cultural community role in Ismailia, going beyond the preparation of teachers

5.The Faculty of Education in Ismailia has an essential role in the support of affiliation and national security


Setting up scenarios and mechanisms that help develop the education at all levels in cooperation with other universities' faculties, Ministry of Education, the public and private schools, and other ministries which are concerned with education, culture, media, youth, etc This main message directly conveys functions that are represented in the permanent preparation of excellent pre-service teachers and their professional development as well as the promotion of educational research in a way that helps produce educational knowledge and outline the policies as well as the programs serving the community and its development. The Faculty's Departments:

1.Department of Foundations of Education

2.Department of Curriculum and Instruction

3.Department of Educational Psychology

4.Department of Mental Hygiene

5.Department of Home Economics

6.Department of Art and Music Education

7.Department of Special Education